How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato


Here is brief guide on the requirements that need to build an app like Zomato.

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When you talk about the restaurant guide app there is nothing like the feature of Zomato. This is the application that grew into a social food community with higher level of user engagement, Food is one of the basic need of human and we need a bite we often search for places, we can reach quickly or vice-versa. We search on mobile the restaurant apps like Zomato or Yelp that use a location based approach and help you to find the nearby restaurant.

Our aim of this blog is to find the easiest or simple way to build a restaurant search app. Zomato focus on keeping clean service and have 2 separate apps with different features. Users won’t have to travel a mile to search a food joint for them.

If we distribute the app into different modules you will find it into five different surfaces of solution.

  • Web Service
  • Restaurant Business App
  • On-Demand Food Delivery App
  • Social Media App
  • Restaurant Finder or Locator App

So Guys, if you are looking to build a restaurant app similar to Zomato of your own, you have to decide first how you are going to cover the whole and what features or functionality you want in app.

Functions for a Restaurant App

Let’s identify what other functions a restaurant finder app required:-

  • Registration via social networks- with simple registration users will use your app in minutes.
  • Restaurant Profile- here you can review the detail of restaurant.
  • User Profile- here you can see the reviews of user related your app.
  • Adding to favorites- you can add the places nearby you for future reference.
  • Admin Panel- this is the place where you can modify the content.
  • Adding user photo- users images with review can be added on instagram.
  • Rating and leaving review- users are requested to leave a review with ratings, and admin can check the user comment here.
  • Location based search and suggestion- can search restaurant according you location.
  • Calling from the app- you can book table or order the meal by calling directly through an app.
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Existent Features

  • You can check restaurant closes to you or in same town.
  • Follow the foodies for reviews.
  • Create your personal food diary,
  • Explore the restaurant that delivers food at your door step.
  • Follow the orders with real-time notification.
  • Enjoy your food and rate your experience.

Gamification Components

  • Levels
  • Achievements
  • Verified User
  • Quests
  • Rewards
  • Community of Users
  • Area Expert
  • Competition
  • Checkpoints

So if you are looking to develop an app like Zomato the first thing that you need is to arrange all the essential data including the road map. You can do it by your own or under domain expert guidance. Once you have collect all the above now the turn is to connect with app develop, having an experience of working on similar apps. You can take appointment with Netleon, and shortlist the best developer for your app.


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5 Steps to Strengthen Endpoints

We constantly hear about the data breaches and large-scale compromises but ever you wonder what can be the root cause of these attacks?

Today Data is continuously breaches and the growth in cloud or mobility have impaired the weaknesses and lengthened the attack surface. Endpoint devices are also the cause of data breaches. Here are the best ways to improve the protection or make endpoints stronger or remediate the threats.


Client operating systems or applications focused on making sure that everything is working properly on system. Therefore many default installations contain extraneous software and these are used as point of compromise. Uninstalling the extraneous or unnecessary software can minimize the attack.


Most organization undertakes that more than 95% of endpoints are complaint with required patches.

According to study we found 10% of endpoints do not contain the encryption solution and more than 5 % of endpoints do not report in to security or IT management. And these endpoints are breeding the security breaches.


This we can say is first step of choosing security layers. The system management and other endpoints depend on several factors.


A patch is like a vendor that tells the world there is vulnerability in software. As a result, the exposure window is bigger when a system goes unpatched for a long. While patching is always a challenge and uninstalling the software will reduce the patch surface and make the process of patching easier. Centralized patch management is the key of an organization and it is important to remember the travelling laptops- if the system is not in range of network it might miss the patching cycle.


To control the damage utilizing thin client is an effective way. When new hardware is rolled out the traditional OS gets reinstalled. And if system becomes infected it stays infected for few time.




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Android O Beta is Available for Users


Android O is now available as Beta to be used by all of us. Now here is an opportunity to deliver the primary features and to use or test by users. Actually the version is already in market but as a developer preview but now we can now we finally can use as a user.

Updates like in notification – includes a notification dot that lets users now new note is tied to it. If you press it for a while a preview window will open.

You might concern how to download the new version of android and what are the new features of it:-

The version is available on such devices- Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel C and Pixel.  If you want to play the latest features of Google’s here’s what you can follow:-

  1. Before downloading Android O, back up your all data because installing the beta version can wipe your phone too.
  2. Visit the page of Android O Beta program through the link.
  3. Sign in with Google account and if you are not having sign up or register yourself.
  4. After sign in Google will automatically verify if you are having eligible device and make sure you have good internet connection to install the beta.
  5. It will update with OTA and if you face any problem while installing the beta check your internet connection.

Android O adds few new features like:-

  1. Revolution– adds some nice touch to the phones.
  2. Vitals– that help developers issue with apps that impact on phone security and battery life.
  3. Increase in boot time.
  4. Contextual Autofill Option– will smartly predict what you are trying to fill.
  5. Smart Text Selection– will highlight the segment that refers to name or addresses.
  6. Picture in Picture- this feature will allow you to open an app while working on another.

Well, with this new version of android O(reo)*cough* I am sure we will definitely enjoy the features. However, Google’s claim of making android a modular approach is also a concerned but is incredible. But hope for the best though we can get the extra edges of using android with rich experience in aspect to communication or interface.







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Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on iPhone Now


Google announced on Wednesday that now Google Assistant is available for iPhone. It competes with Siri and allows users to check weather, booking tickets, book restaurant or more. Already Google Assistant is available on Google Home or Android OS.

But can say Apple still has one leg-up with Siri as it can be activated through “Hey Siri” command and for Google Assistant you need to open it separately. Google Assistant is restricted in United States after launching and soon will come to other countries as well. Users will not able to replace Siri with Google Assistant. Google announced few new features are also coming this month that include Google Lens- image processing algorithm with text interpretation in aspect to location, to translate foreign text a camera view finder is used and adding 10 languages before the end of this year.

Google Assistant is considered a powerful voice assistant when you compare it to Siri, current version. It allows you to ask more complicated queries and too has third-party integration. It also let you to control your connected devcies. In addition users can type their search queries instead of speaking. This feature is useful when you are sitting or sleeping near someone and don’t want other know your action.

With next update of iOS an upgrade part of Siri will come. The Google Assistant app is available to download on iOS 9.1 or greater

iPhone user will see Google Assistant soon in iTunes App store.


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Cyberattack Impact on India- “WannaCry” Rasomware

You must have heard “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

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The WannaCry ransome attack is an ongoing cyber-attack of rasomware computer worm targeting the widows OS. The attack flows on 12-May, 2017 and affect more than 230,000 computers in approx. 150 countries.

Many businesses were affected by this and RBI asked banks to operationalize their ATM networks after updating software. Government has issued caution message and reinforce the online security

This attack brought computer systems to their knees from Russia to China to UK to the US. WannaCry attacks lock the essential data of people and demand for some ransom or lose your data. Victims affected were Banks, Hospitals, Telecommunication Companies and Warehouses.

What is WannaCry?

It is a hacking attack that holds your computer until you pay ransom. When it infects the computer it encrypts and scrambles the data. And demands money to get back the access of your system. They increase the amount with a countdown.

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The attack is heard by UK’s health service department- that was the first victim of WannaCry attack. The attack is also known as “WannaCrypt”.

How attack is spread?

The attack spread by phishing email and use exploit name- EternalBlue and DoublePulsar backdoor.

It appears in computer networks such as- schools, companies or hospitals and mostly spread through file  sharing technology used by computers or laptops called- Windows Server Message Block or “SMB”.


Who created WannaCry

It is been discovered by NSA, which apparently saved it on file as a possible tool to use for investigation or other related issues.

How do I keep my system safe?

For this makes sure your software is up-to-date and if not then update your software. Don’t click on any suspicious emails or anonymous links. Keep taking backups and if you don’t have try to start it soon.

What do I do if my system is infected?

There is no way to fix the WannaCry attack.





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What is MAC Address? Where MAC is Stored


What is MAC Address?

MAC- Media Access Control is unique identifier that is assigned to network interface for communication at data link layer and is used as network address. It is often referred as a hardware or physical address. MAC’s are of 48-bit or 6 bytes and are written in MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS format. The first 3 bytes are ID number of manufacturer and next 3-bytes are serial number.

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It represents Layer 2 of TCP/IP where IP represents layer 3. MAC address supports hardware implementation whereas IP address supports software implementation.

Where MAC is Stored?

MAC addresses are called the “burned in address”. NIC manufactures will assign MAC address to the device and hardcoded is stored in ROM chip and preloaded into non-volatile memory like EEPROM.

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There are few USB adapters that are not having MAC address preloaded in firmware. These devices rely on software drivers that load on host system to assign the MAC.

So MAC can store on NIC or OS, depends on NIC design. The MAC address lives on the chip with the white sticker.  But now you will find it on flash memory space on NIC or close to network hardware on a motherboard.


MAC is an important element of computer networking. It is an essential component that is required for protocols like TCP/IP to function. Changing MAC address also increase the privacy in some states. Though MAC addresses do not disclose any geographic or any information of ISP location such as IP addresses do.



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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks like in airports multiplex or coffee shops are not safe as you think.  It might also possible when you are sharing your data with other as hotspot. This also describe your data is at risk.

In this article you will get to know how to secure your data while you are connecting to public network.

Through this public Wi-Fi hackers can easily gain control of your email account. Although public are warned not to use public Wi-Fi but they ignore such warnings because they don’t believe this can happen.

How Wi-Fi works

Wi-Fi is acronym of Wireless Fidelity”.  It is a simple way to connect multiple system or device wirelessly so they can share their data without the cables.  To establish a connection router is used and once the connection is established you will have access to data that is saved on other system. Router not only provides you the internet connection but also stores your data. They work like a firewall but it doesn’t mean you’re secure from the network you are connected at same. Your username and password or Wi-Fi network will store in router.

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What if hacker’s hold your login details by creating the fake Wi-Fi with the same name. And you will never get to know which one is real and fake.

Two Factor Authentications

There are different ways to stop hackers to access our login details. Most of the websites have started implementing a security measure which is called “Two Factor Authentication”.  This will restrict unauthorized user to access your account without permission of yours.

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Enabling 2-factor authentication adds extra security layer by not allowing any unauthorized device to connect your network without permission of yours.

For example- if someone tries to get access to your account a temporary verification will be sent on your registered device and the intruder won’t have access to your phone so they can’t retrieve the code.

Keep off your public Wi-Fi

Keeping your Wi-Fi off at public places is also the best solution. Though there is also an alternative solution where Email Laundry provides an informative guide that protects your email account.

  • Some other steps include:-
  • Turn Off Sharing
  • Enable your Firewall
  • Use HTTPs whenever is possible
  • Use VPN- Virtual Private Network


Don’t fall into someone’s fake trap of Wi-Fi. Try to use your own data packs or private internet Wi-Fi connection. If you are using public network try to ask the establishment of it and if you found anything suspicious change your password asap.





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