AngularJS vs. Backbone.js: Comparing Two JavaScript Frameworks

In this article I am going showcase the difference between two popular frameworks: AngularJS and BackboneJS.  Choosing a factual framework for a project can have impact on ability of developer to deliver project on time. Old methodologies are disappearing and web is adopting novel technologies. These both frameworks are open source, are used for building a dynamic web app.

Though this blog learn the difference between two and choose the best suited one for your project.

What is AngularJS

AngularJs is powerful unconnected framework that is intended to support the development of data intensive web app with an accent on modular code and test driven approach. AngularJs is the gold standard of JS framework. It forms “A” in mean stack i.e. MongoDB, NodeJs and AngularJS- a suite of technologies that allows a team to generate every single code from front-end ro back-end of any website. AngluarJs can also work fine with Ruby on Rails. Born year of Angular is 2009.

 Key Features of AngulaJS

  • Dependency Injection
  • Validation on-board
  • 2-way data binding
  • Extend functionality of HTML attributes with Directives
  • Manipulate features (data directly within template using expression)

Net size of angular.js is 39.5Kb and required dependency is 39.5KB.

What is BackboneJS

Is a light weight javascript framework, build by Jeremy Ashkenas and born in 2010.  Have one dependency that is Underscore.js- offers the basic templates that is generated by BackboneJS. Its small memory and weight makes it awesome for developing high performance and fast web apps.

Components of BackboneJS are:-

Model: – Is used to store data

View: – Data is present within the model

Collection: – It groups the model together alike JavaScript array.

Events: – Binds events such as mouse overs the code.

Routers: – They are very useful to setup the navigational structure.

Sync: – It oversees the communication between backbonejs or the back-end of app.

Net size of backbone.js is 6.5Kb and required dependency is 43.5KB for jQuery and 20.6Kb for Zepto


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