How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks like in airports multiplex or coffee shops are not safe as you think.  It might also possible when you are sharing your data with other as hotspot. This also describe your data is at risk.

In this article you will get to know how to secure your data while you are connecting to public network.

Through this public Wi-Fi hackers can easily gain control of your email account. Although public are warned not to use public Wi-Fi but they ignore such warnings because they don’t believe this can happen.

How Wi-Fi works

Wi-Fi is acronym of Wireless Fidelity”.  It is a simple way to connect multiple system or device wirelessly so they can share their data without the cables.  To establish a connection router is used and once the connection is established you will have access to data that is saved on other system. Router not only provides you the internet connection but also stores your data. They work like a firewall but it doesn’t mean you’re secure from the network you are connected at same. Your username and password or Wi-Fi network will store in router.

imgpsh_fullsize (46)

What if hacker’s hold your login details by creating the fake Wi-Fi with the same name. And you will never get to know which one is real and fake.

Two Factor Authentications

There are different ways to stop hackers to access our login details. Most of the websites have started implementing a security measure which is called “Two Factor Authentication”.  This will restrict unauthorized user to access your account without permission of yours.

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Enabling 2-factor authentication adds extra security layer by not allowing any unauthorized device to connect your network without permission of yours.

For example- if someone tries to get access to your account a temporary verification will be sent on your registered device and the intruder won’t have access to your phone so they can’t retrieve the code.

Keep off your public Wi-Fi

Keeping your Wi-Fi off at public places is also the best solution. Though there is also an alternative solution where Email Laundry provides an informative guide that protects your email account.

  • Some other steps include:-
  • Turn Off Sharing
  • Enable your Firewall
  • Use HTTPs whenever is possible
  • Use VPN- Virtual Private Network


Don’t fall into someone’s fake trap of Wi-Fi. Try to use your own data packs or private internet Wi-Fi connection. If you are using public network try to ask the establishment of it and if you found anything suspicious change your password asap.






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