5 Ways that IoT is Reshaping Today’s Insurance Proposition

Global insurance industries is inflowing a different phase of disruptive changes driven by the IoT- Internet of Things.  In last fifteen years insurance industry has experienced significant technology-driven change.

IoT is changing the nature of insurance

An IoT can change the fundamental nature of insurance propositions.

Here are some of the methods in which internet of things can transform today’s mainstream offering of insurance.

  • Minimize the potential claims

IoT devices can not only perceive an incident but also initiate an automatic response to decrease the cost.

  • Mass market

With raise in functionality or ubiquity of sensors the IoT technology allows insurers to provide high insurance offerings.

  • Risk-based charging

IoT offers true usage and risk-based insurance. With premium rates the rates are adjusted accordingly.

Say, auto insurance would be charged high pay rates while driving late at night- in winter. But it would be reduce while driving in daylight.

  • Encourage modification of risky behavior

There is substantial scope of modification of potential risky behaviors when insurer incorporates feedbacks to IoT.

There are various similar apps that offer feedbacks on such habits and it reduces the poor driving behavior. Using IoT technology you can monitor the tire and break pad wear.

  • Provide platform for new service elements

IoT technologies can provide the platform for development of innovative services which can minimize the use of capturing the accuracy of data and enhance the customer satisfactions in such areas like claims submission.



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WhatsApp is down and the internet is freaking out

The hot news is whatsapp is down and causing issues for millions across the world. In many places it’s totally not working and in few places its connecting to screen only or can say internet is not the issue.

Today whatsapp is need of every single person; they don’t think their life without. And sudden collapse shocked all of them and for some it was like a nightmare. Anyhow they need it back as they think their life is stop without it.

According to the report the problem started at 1 PM on May-3, 2017. The victim

Countries are Europe, Brazil or large swaths of United States. Users had shared their horror on other social sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Company’s spokesperson shared his opinion in an email that we are trying to resolve the problem as we are aware of the issue. And will inform you shortly.

At the same day 4:58 PM, finally user took a deep breathe- whatsapp is back again. Whatsapp representative apologies for the inconvenience that happen but now everything is fixed and you can use whatsapp like earlier days.



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Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now

Users can access their Yahoo mail now with Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address. This is the latest of Yahoo and the team is always looking to create new features that help people to stay organized.

To create a Yahoo account and access new features tap your Gmail or Outlook account and allow Yahoo to synchronize emails in mail app.

Yahoo mail app is available in App Store of iOS- 4.15 and Google Play of Android- 5.15.

In February, Yahoo also launched caller ID and image upload feature for yahoo app. It helps user to identify the details of caller and access their phone camera roll on desktop. This new feature will show who is calling either the number of person is not saved in your device.

Contact information is used by Yahoo from emails. As soon as the person contacts you, their name will surface with the call and Yahoo Mail will update names in your smartphone’s call history. When you dial the number it will show automatically.

Once if you have enable this feature, you camera gallery will be available instantly when you access yahoo mail.

The Yahoo mail app has several new features and below is few of them:-

Relevant search results: – You can spend less time to search your previous/older emails just by using keywords.

Contacts: – Yahoo displays the contact cards that are easily editable. It will detect the email addresses and phone numbers linked to that particular person.

People-only notifications: – You will get notification when you get mail from any person rather than a company or newsletters.

Personalized themes and stationery: – make your inbox more personalized with custom themes.

Multiple mailbox management: – If you are old user of yahoo don’t forget to connect the account with Gmail or Outlook or other emails.

Customizable swipes: – When you swipe right or left choose the action that appears at the moment. The step includes delete, archive or move.

Ditch your password: – Never take stress if you forgot your password. Enable the account key for secure or password-free sign in.

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Ways to Shrink Your IT Budget without Killing Progress

Guys, if you are looking for ideas on how to reduce IT spending without breaking the progress, this article will be helpful for you.

  • Deploy open source

By implementing open source you can save money but don’t think it will move you backward. Enterprise companies are accepting open source in wholesale fashion for the reason that it is the tech of future.

  • Virtualize your servers

Go for virtual process instead of replacing or repairing. Though you can save the hardware cost and backups will be easier.

  • Repurpose resources

Old desktop can be used to create a powerful linux cluster. If needed networking cables can be repaired and can sell the old desktop machines on eBay.

  • Individualize your budget items

Most of the people break their budget into smaller chunks. If you need to shave away cautiously, you can break it further into different items. To make this process succeed assign the items to a member of department who has an intimate understanding of individual piece.

  • Outsource to data centers

If you have spent or been spending money on licenses for example Microsoft and that is costing you the higher percentage of the budget than migrate a local server to hosted server.

  • Go Google

There are many options that help you to save money. However, the savings can come to fruition in various ways.

For example: – If you use Google as collaboration tool, you can install the chrome book to users which will remove the local storage.

  • Go green

For going green there are tax credits, you can save money by using greener technology as it’s not only about taxes. The money will be saved from other departments.

  • Examine your mobile purchasing policy

Manu companies pay mobile bills of their employee’s as they feel their staff members will be on official calls. I recommend you to stop footing the mobile bills for each employee.

  • Purchased used equipment

This step is risky. You invest money to purchase something and after a month it fails to respond. And when the situation is you don’t have money/budget to buy the new one you disappoint. At this moment purchasing the used item is a right solution.

  • Prioritize spending

Is for fix spending the things you can’t do without. Prioritize the items line by line that you can’t do. Make sure while prioritizing the items you spending money should also be accurate.


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WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin

The Responsive Select Menu is free plugin and is available in the WordPress plugin repository.  It is compatible with agility and uber menu.

To check the responsive select menu resizes the window to less than 767px. If you are working on responsive theme is it mandatory to assure the navigation is working finely on all devices.

Through Responsive Select Menu Panel you can do such things:-

  • Set the text of first menu item.
  • Choose the character used to indent your submenu items.
  • Configure the level you wish to include in menu.
  • For top-level menu select it to one.
  • Select whether or not to exclude ‘dummy’ items.
  • Set breakpoint of width.

Responsive Select Menu can be used by any wordpress that support unordered-list-based wordpress 3 menus and is compatible with agility. This responsive menu has 45 customizable options. It creates a three-lined mobile menu button, which is easily navigated.

imgpsh_fullsize (66)

Features of Responsive Menu Plugin

  • Light-weight and simple code
  • Custom color functionality
  • Fully responsive
  • Works perfectly on all devices
  • Customizable menu title
  • Functionality to add custom search
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Option to open menu from left and right
  • Color functionality to match theme
  • Easy markup and installation

Installation Process

  • Upload the wp-responsive-select-menu folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’.
  • Activate the ‘WP Responsive Select Menu’ list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Select “Responsive Menu” from dashboard area and customize the setting of plugin.




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Top Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

A variety of changes have been assimilated in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. Both are rebuilt from scratch to support the changing methods and technological agreements. It is cross-platform, open-source and work on cloud. Asp.Net 5 is considered significant-release of Asp.Net over .Net framework.

In this article you will have glimpse of every minor changes and updates made in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6.

Asp.Net on Linux and OSX:

The app of ASP.NET 5 can be executed on Linux and OSX along with Windows.

Startups make use of Linux and OSX and traditional developers were still working on windows. Developers or designers can create their app with asp.net 5 in WebStorm or Sublime Text.

No Web Forms 

I have spent my life on web forms applications building but now it’s over. ASP.NET Web Forms is not part of ASP.NET 5.

In this new version of asp.net you will not found web forms. You can still create web forms through visual studio with .net framework 4.6.

No More Visual Basic

Now is the time to say goodbye to Visual Basic.  Asp.Net 5 only supports C# and it left the Visual Basic behind.

imgpsh_fullsize (34)

Support for Client-Side development:

If you ask any expert developer which client-side framework is best to create Single Page Applications then the answer will be Angular JS. ASP.NET 5 is mixed with AngularJS and it allows you to create SPAs.

Tag Helpers

It is one of the biggest features that have impact on the way that you create your views in an ASP.NET. To use traditional MVC helpers tag helpers are best alternative.

Screenshot 1

In above example the Html.BeginForm(), HTML.LabelFor() tag helpers are used to create the form.

Unified Web API and MVC Controllers and View Components:

The web API controllers were different than the MVC controllers in other versions of MVC and it uses System.Web.MVC.Controller class whereas Web API uses the System.Web.Gttp.ApiController class.

imgpsh_fullsize (33).jpg

If we talk about MVC 6 no longer subcontrollers are needed instead it include view component. In ASP.NET MVC Html.Action() method are called by subcontroller where it is not invoked by MVC 6.


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How to Lower Web Development Costs?

Website itself has earned a reputation of being an important platform of any business and is productive interface for driving business ahead.

Company or Brand is judged by its website. No business owner wants to take risk of quality for cost.  Research shows that today websites are mainly developing in PHP, ASP.Net or RoR. The technology depends on the nature of your business and the customization level.

Are you the one, get confused to choose the platform for your website? Don’t worry take help of an expert from leading IT companies.

How to plan wisely to save loads of money and time for your website development –

At the beginning it’s a great idea a website at low cost, but on longer run it never profits. You can recover the investment on website by increasing the quality of brand. Before giving the quotation for developing a website developer consider multiple factors.

There are several factors on which the cost of website depends.

  • SEO Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Size of Content
  • Graphical Contents like Videos, Images or Animation.
  • Add on Features Like Payment Gateway Integration.

Provide Your Design

The step is not mandatory but if you are a designer then it’s good for you to provide your design. Your cost of development will reduce and site will take less time to launch.


Make sure your content is ready to publish and prepare it before hiring a web developer. As I have seen many of the clients not have their content prepared when it is need. It also can increase the cost.


Hire a web developer from Netleon Technologies. Here you will get friendly behavior of developer, high-quality work with ask-able or budget friendly cost, 24*7 availability of technical team.

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